Phonemic Awareness Course


This PDF ebook contains everything a parent or tutor needs to teach the pre-reading skills. This book includes an explanation of:

  • what Phonemic Awareness is;
  • why it's important;
  • how having these skills will help students learn to read;
  • how to support your students as they learn; and
  • how to teach the Phonemic Awareness skills (including all the questions and answers).

Some of the skills taught in this Course are:

  • working with sentences;
  • working with words;
  • working with sounds;
  • being able to tell the difference between similar sounds;
  • isolating the sounds in a word;
  • sounding out words; and
  • blending sounds back into a word.

If you don't think your student needs this degree of help, just start the How Do I Start Teaching Phonics at Home ebook, available FREE at:

These Phonemic Awareness skills are taught within my reading Course, so your student will not miss out on learning the Phonemic Awareness material if you don't use this Phonemic Awareness Course; he or she will just learn it in a different order.

For more information about teaching reading, go to:

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Phonemic Awareness Course

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